Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 35.

Weight: 141.40

Progress Report: Seems that I am holding steady at 141.40 for the time being. While most would be discouraged, I'm not in the least disappointed about it, at least its not up, right?! I'm beginning to figure out my body's shedding cycle pretty good and typically if I hold steady at a certain weight for a few days, even toggle up a pound depending on how hard I bust it the day before in the gym, means by the end of the week I am down by a couple pounds at least. So I'm feeling like that is where I am at right now... I'm trying my best to drink a lot of water and now at least 2 4-8oz glasses of Kombucha tea to keep myself flushed out.

I believe that last nights serious icing of the wounded shoulder/back muscle has paid off. It was not nearly as twingy painful nor hardly noticeable all day. The only time that I really did notice it was during several slightly awkward Pilates transition poses during tonight's low impact workout - which meant - it hurt like a muthafrigger! And what I really mean by that is... if I could substitute the word frigger without feeling a guilty remorse, I most certainly would do so!  I still have not quite figured out how exactly I mucked up that shoulder. But its on the mend now and I don't want to continue to dwell on the negative.

So I was able to step up tonight's workout. DH + I went for our evening jog (which I am loving!) It is nice and cool (for Florida, that is) by the time we get out to jog and getting to spend time with DH is amazing! He has been so supportive and motivational! I don't even know what I would do if he were not! I can't even fathom it! Literally during the jogs, he is motivationally pumping me up, pushing me to go just a little bit further than before, building confidence on how great I am progressing and to not give up! ...that my goal is right there for the taking! And I swear by the time we are finished with our simple jog, I feel as if I could conquer the world! As if I could jog to Mississippi and back without breaking a sweat! (ha, yeah right!

But... I don't know what I would do without that support. Thinking about it frightens me more than I can bare so I do not think on it. Letting in that fear and doubt leads to feeling hopeless, as if this journey is a lost cause and to just give up... no! I need to keep my mind right! Not only am I working out in a physical sense, but I am also getting mentally fit as well! I am learning to workout my mind, thinking positive thoughts about my well-being, my esteem, and building up positive thoughts about my physical state and the winter coat I am shedding. Its a new season folks and I am ready to shed the layers!

So needless to say, today felt good. Despite there was not any large milestones accomplished. I still feel like I accomplished a greater sense of well being and am on the mend. And you can't help but feel good about that!

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