Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 39.

Weight: 140.80
So my day started off kinda disappointingly wild. I missed my alarm for the gym this morning. Slept right through it! I managed to wake up just barely early enough to totally miss getting to go to the gym, but with plenty of time to sit and enjoy my breakfast - 8oz. of Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Chai Tea and half a banana. Not including my usual 8oz. of supplement water... However I still felt pretty rough, just completely exhausted and I noticed my sinus' were bothering me (so annoying). I guess I just needed the extra sleep + rest. I figured I would count today as my "rest day" from the gym.
 Once I got on my way to work, I was pretty bummed that I missed the gym. And that bothered me most all day. I was so bummed out that here I am staring down on the eve of Day 40. And I was feeling as if I have not made much progress on the scale. Even though I know I must be since a few folks are starting to take notice. And... I also know that the scale doesn't ever entirely count since you can lose inches before scale numbers. 
So then WHY in the world was it bumming me out?! I'm not sure but it absolutely was... and of course I know these days like this will come. And this is another stepping stone that I have to learn from, to not let the blue days take over my mission. It's blue days like this that literally eats at my mind- a struggle. Like WHY go on?  WHY even bother?!  WHY?!!! WHY?!!! well... because it bothers me! A Lot! That's why! I'm sick and tired of feeling slobby, sick of the cupcake muffin top that jiggles when I zumba, tired of all the weighty struggle when attempting to run. Tired of fretting about being unhealthy and the possible health problems that I could face all because I carry what looks like a slightly deflated, yet bulbous inner tube around my midsection and the passing of each birthday. I'm ready to be lighter, fitter, healthier! I mean don't get me wrong... I like having swerve in my curve. But I like those curves to be a little tighter and streamlined.

And so that was a rant in itself. But yes. I was bummed. Still kind of am. I'm fighting through it. And thank goodness for MFP interactivity. That has been keeping me going, keeping my fire lit for accountability.
Snapshot: Lunch at Desk - Honey Balsamic Chicken
So other than feeling a bit Debbie Downer today... my food routine was pretty good. All of my meals were all small food components added together into fairly low calorie meals. I did drink more teas today however my water intake could have been better. I did make it to 8 glasses yesterday.  Dinner was a simple Caesar salad and I managed to make a delicious "ice cream" for dessert!

We had Mango "ice cream". I had taken frozen mango cubes mixed with just a tablespoon of Coconut Milk Yogurt and a little bit of water and blended it until thick + creamy. And ta-da! Ice Cream for only 68 calories!  DH added 1/2 of a banana into the mix with the Mango - for his batch. I took a tiny taste. It was sooo amazing! Of course, adding an extra fruit meant that his ice cream was 113 calories - still not bad at all!  I think tomorrow morning I may make the Mango-Banana cream as a post-gym refreshing breakfast! If thinned down, this would also make for an amazing smoothie, esp if added with some low calorie lean Whey protein! What a power packed smoothie that would be!

at least there was a sweet ending to the day

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