Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 81.

Weight: 130

Today's workout:
Arrived at gym 5a
Departed at 650a

Leg Day - Part One

Warm-up: Elliptical
20 min @ Level 6 incline - 4 miles

20 min @ Level 10 - 100 floors 

5 min Run @ 5.0mph - 1/2 mile

Hip Adductors
Inner: 3 sets of 15 @ 100 lbs.
Outer: 3 sets of 15 @ 145 lbs.

Hip Extensions
3 sets of 10 @ 105 lbs.

Leg Press
3 sets of 10 @ 100 lbs.

Dance Workout: 1 hour Zumba class @ 630p-730/8p

*EDIT*  --- I totally heart this entry for my workouts from My Fitness Pal:

I was feeling kind of crappy that I didn't get to finish my leg workout or any abs since I ran out of time. I was suppose to get to the gym at 4a. But instead I chose to sleep because I stayed up until 10p last night blogging. Ideally I should be in bed by 830p. 9p at the most latest. This is going to be a work in progress as I figure out the most appropriate time to blog during the week.
I've decided that tomorrow will have to be Legs Part 2 + Abs.

But on a positive note – I was finally able to bump up my A-Game with the StairStepper. I was able to last through the entirety of 20 mins on LEVEL 10! without wanting to throw-up afterwards. (like I almost did one Saturday when I moved up to level 10) This time it was a good burning challenge during the entire session, like it typically has been on level 8. I'm so glad I have progressed!

Another moment I'm kind of proud of was that I did a full-on RUN at 5.0mph. my short legs have not been able to yet adapt to comfortably running at 6.0mph. I don't think I was built for that speed. 5.0 is my max capacity! And I'm not talking about any discomfort levels, I'm just meaning that 5 is my legs at warp speed. Done and done! Anyway, I did a complete half mile in 5 mins before burning out. I could have pushed myself to go further, but again, I was pressed for time.  But its good to see that I am progressing with my "running".

I've been studying the C25k plan... and it starts at increments at a time. I am going to work on slipping this into my current routine and see how I progress. I am determined to become a runner and actually enjoy running.

Anyway, despite my frustrations in the gym this morning with myself. I did make some strides and that is exciting!  –I may not be there yet... but I am closer than I was yesterday!  :)

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  1. good luck on your C25K plan! i used one when i first began running, too. it really helped, although i repeated weeks when needed. and for the record, i started out way slower than 5 mph! :o)