Friday, August 19, 2011

Jersey Mike.

As my title seems to suggest – this isn't about any of the Jersey Shore characters. It's about a deceivingly 'healthy' sub sandwich chain. I'm not sure if my current blog readers have a Jersey Mike's Subs in your local area but let me say I was overwhelmingly appalled at the nutritional facts that this sub shop touts. If you are trying to stick to a nutrition plan that involves monitoring your daily caloric intake, you will definitely want to avoid this place.

I went for the first time with a friend from my Zumba class pretty late (pushing 830p) last night.  I didn't have a chance to pre-review the menu + nutritional values online before going in. I was still planning to walk down to the Smoothie King to get my smoothie as my dinner meal. But I figured while I was here with her, I would go ahead and pick something up for my lunch since I didn't have anything prepared. I figured it couldn't be all that bad... its a sub sandwich shop, right?!

I scan the menu and the sandwich guys lets us know that they are near closing and are limited on bread selections and only have one wrap left. And... no lettuce! (well there goes my salad choice) so I scan the menu again... looking for the least dangerous option. Every thing else was pretty heavy on salami-style meats + cheeses which I know can add up on calories quick!  I look around - ah! a grilled veggie wrap! Perfect! That can't be too much harm! Oh wait... it comes with ranch dressing. I asked the guy for no ranch. Okay I'm safe! Good choice.....   Or was it?

So today, I break out my grilled veggie wrap. The entire wrap is about the typical size of a Subway 6" sandwich.  A little bit leery, I decide to try only half of the wrap... since I'm still unsure of the caloric content per serving. While waiting on my wrap to warm-up. I look up the calories on my grilled veggie wrap.

O.M.G.!!!  according to Jersey Mike's site - my entire 6" wrap is right at being 800 calories!!!!!
in comparison – Subway has unlimited lower calorie options in the same size for sandwiches, with actual bread!

800 CALORIES!!!! for a VEGGIE WRAP!!!! I also understand this also takes into account the ranch dressing... but not by much – because the entire wrap still clocks in as a high 760s without ranch on MFP.  I begin to look at all the other sandwiches – most all of the "lean" subs exceeds the 500-600 calorie mark. And a full on "regular" sub rates in from 900-1400 calories!!! Just for 1 sub!!!! That is well over a days worth of calories for one meal!!!!!   That is horrible!  Sure you may be getting a healthier option of selections but calorically its equal to McDonalds! And for anyone trying to manage their caloric intake ...well the chances are pretty much slim to none.

 And yes. I did eat the half of the grilled veggie wrap. I hate to waste since I did pay too much for it. Luckily I had not had any of my morning snacks and breakfast was light. So I could manage the 400 odd calories however it means that I will have to be careful at dinner. And so how did it taste? it was subpar. The only thing this wrap had on it was provolone, onions, bell pepper, mushrooms, and tomato - that's it!  To be honest, I could have made a better, amazingly nutritional, banging grilled wrap for lower calories WITH dressing than what I got at Jersey's!   sad, right?

Just goes to show you that there are lots of deceivingly so-called healthy menu items out there. You never quite know just what exactly you are getting... so arm yourself with knowledge! Do the research! Check out menus + nutritional facts before you dine out and if you can't - choose what you think is simplest in ingredients and eat only a quarter or half. Get the rest "to-go." And better yet, it pays to eat a self-prepared meal at home!

Be Safe out there friends!  Choose wisely.

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