Friday, August 19, 2011

dear dad.

I haven't recently had a chance to go back home to Mississippi to the farm to visit my family. So the family members who do not have a facebook have no idea how I currently look since May. My dad would be included in this non-social media circle. I spoke to him on the phone last night amist him being busy at work, with distractions and was trying to convey to him the journey that I have been on since he last saw me and my progress made. I know that it is hard to believe or imagine over the phone when someone says they have lost 16.6lbs and how they might look. So he asked me to email him a photo....
I decided I would share that email here as well because to me its exciting and a bit mushy. :)

Hey Dad! So I thought I'd share my 16.6 lb weight loss in 77 days progress.

The first photo was taken on my 30th birthday, of course. (no wonder why I was so depressed!) And the last photo was taken at 4am on Tuesday of this week. I'm actually 130.6 lbs now.... and prolly by the time you check this email, I will already be in the high 120 range....  yay!!!

I can't wait to get my zumba instructors certification!!!! it is so close! late October! eep! I'm so nervous, scared and excited!!!! but this reward is definitely been worth the healthier lifestyle change!!! I FEEL so much better + more energetic!!!! even if I am getting up at 4am in the morning! :P

Thank you for instilling a good hard work ethic in me! And thanks for always telling me to never give up at achieving really hard goals!!!  If you would not have hammered that into my thick stubborn head (haha) I don't think I could have gotten to this point in such a short time! :D I've definitely inherited your workaholic spirit!!!

I'm even considering entering the Spartan Sprint in March 2012 in Conyers, GA!  YIKES!
check out how crazy that would be -