Thursday, August 11, 2011

Product Review.

Just so you know... I have to do a product review on the new Degree Motion Sense deodorant. So everyone can be well aware of real world expectations... and Perhaps I was expecting this deodorant to be the Bear Grylls for my pits when it came down to getting fiercely sweaty! And if anyone knows about getting fiercely sweaty - its me!

So I was expecting this deodorant to last all day during a very busy 8-5 work schedule plus hold out all the way through my 630-730p Zumba class.  Maybe its me - but it didn't... I didn't smell it much when I was changing out of my work clothes and into my Zumba gear but I should have known - not a good sign! Not even after the warm-up song had finished, this deodorant went south faster than Frat House on Spring Break to Cancun. I don't know if all the Motion Sensors totally freaked out from all the random movements and waved a white flag of defeat.... but it happened... sadly.  

Degree. Fail.

I managed to make my way out of class without any sweaty hugs or lingering chitchat so as not to offend anyone or be 'that' girl... However I am greatly dissappointed in this product. Especially from Degree! I guess I will stick to the usual Secret deodorant I typically get.

I can say that Secret holds up! I can apply it in the morning, wear it all day, sweat-fest in Zumba, take a shower and I can still smell lingering deodorant! I can even wake up still smelling fresh! Now that's what I was expecting! its deodorant you can't even wear or shower off! 

so What happened Degree?

Final words - I don't recommend it for highly intense workouts or if you live in the South and just sweat from our 24/7/365 - 100% humidity.

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