Thursday, August 18, 2011


I've been a slacker. I admit it. I've been slacking from keeping a good blog and I apologize. I promised you all that I would share my journey with you all and here I am... slacking off. Terrible.

I was having a MFP conversation with a dear friend about me having problems blogging. So I thought that I would share with you all as to why I've been such a slacker.

"I've been "slacking" off because I'm usually in the gym and away from the computer. (which is a good thing!!!) Sometimes when I do finally get home + settled in, trying to compose a blog post seems like I'm trying to write the Declaration of Independence, esp from being 'stuck' on the computer all day from 8-5 at work. Sometimes its the last thing I want to see is the soft glow of a computer screen. So usually I will log my calories into MFP , check FB and be done with it! So I need to work on getting back into my blogging routine again, regardless of anything else!" 

So that is it folks... I've been a blog slacker but I suppose for good reasons since I am away from the computer and am 16 lbs down. Still its no excuse for not sharing my experiences with you all and not getting to share all the recipes and information and great tools I have picked up along the way. I have no excuse not to blog these days. I have alot of great fodder for posts. 

Anyway, I promise to improve my blogging skills, so please excuse my neglect. I have been inspired to return and share with you all in hopes that perhaps you will find it useful in your own journey!

Much love and apologies,

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