Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 1.


Weight: 146.80

It is my first day on this journey and I always like to start off with a good clean slate.  I have started off doing a gentle herbal cleanse. Today is the first day of my cleanse. I take two bran pills a day for 3 days. One pill in the morning before breakfast, with a cup of warm lemon water to cleanse. And the second pill in the evening before dinner. I am trying the cleanse on a weekend as I was a bit afraid of any 'urgent' effects that the cleanse may have - regardless of its gentle nature.

So far its working - I have not had any 'urgent' issues and am mostly shedding a lot of water. It really is a gentle cleanse. I just hope it works enough to flush out a lot of the water weight I typically carry most of the time and is able to give me a good jump start that I need.

Hoping the best!

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