Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 3.

Weight: 145.80
7p - Home Workout - Elliptical Trainer 15 mins. 160c. 

Third + Last day (thank the stars!) of the bran cleanse, not that it has been bad or anything. I'm just sick of having to go to the bathroom so often. And geez... I can't even tell you how many times I've had to go pee, seems like every 5 minutes. If this doesn't clean me out, I don't know what will?! Perhaps a Hoover vac shoved up where the sun don't shine?! I'm just sayin'  haha!

Sorry, that was a bit graphic. Hey, no holds bar here! Who said weight loss was pretty?!

Tomorrow, White Tea Detox. I'm not sure what to expect with the 3 day detox. I've done a caffeine detox before and it was NOT pretty. Horrible mind splitting headaches, ill mood swings, fire breathing, levitating and head spinning. (okay, perhaps not the last three).  I hope this detox is nothing like the other one I have tried, if so, everyone please pray for my husband. bless his heart.

Well this evening I was late + exhausted getting home from work so I had to workout at home (see above). I had wanted to do an early pre-work workout, but the gym did not open until around 6a on Mondays. So I would not have had time to do a full workout and still have time to get ready for work. I typically don't like working out in the evening so late. I am always exhausted and am easily able to be distracted by evening chores.

I also re-activated my Daily Plate account to start back tracking my caloric intake and portions. I need to be more aware of what I eat. I know that is where my greatest downfall is - Food. its my personal demon, my addiction, and a source of fuel. It's hard to separate addiction + essential fuel source. It has already started to help. I've already kept myself in check all day today knowing I had to go log-in to the Plate...  So here is my Plate log:

Consumed: 1097 calories.  Burned: 160       <---- that sucks!
Daily Water Consumption - 2 glasses           <-------- that sucks even more!

 I know its not perfect. But its a work in progress... This is where I am going to have to focus hard and dig deep for motivation.

surviving the first three days...

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