Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 12.

Weight: 141.80
530p Gym - Cardio - Total Burn: 308cals

I missed my workout this morning so I made up for it this evening. I had planned on working out my back and biceps, however after a serious mental + physical 'push' to get through my cardio and the fact that I am still brutally sore from all the weight workouts earlier in the week, I thought I would take a break on weights tonight and finish out my weight session tomorrow morning. I think having that 'gap of rest' will speed up the healing process.  It was a pretty ordinary day for me. I had a good low caloric intake with a decent caloric burn. I lost a few ounces on the scale this morning but I think that is water weight at work.

This evening I had a really tasty Chicken + Spinach Salad from Subway. I mean I typically like Subway salads however I have to be in the 'mood' for one. I usually go for the flat bread sandwiches. But I'm trying to cut out all the doughy carbs like bread. I wasn't really jazzed about getting a salad, but I knew it was what I had to do. I don't know if it was the fact that I was wolf ravenous (which always makes food taste so dreamy good) but this salad was so amazing! It tasted so good that it was almost awkward! I mean its just a simple Chicken + Spinach Salad for crying out loud!  So yeah Subway - you rocked it out for me tonight! I don't know how but ya did! so thanks!

The Daily Plate Log:
Consumed: 715 calories.  Burned: 308  
Daily Water Consumption - 6 glasses  (the night is still young, I will have my 8)

On a separate note - I'm interested to see how the rest of the week is going to play out regarding my workout schedule and the eating/meal routine that I am getting accustomed to. I am going out of town this weekend to visit family so my concern is a great one! Typically when I travel back to my home state to visit family, most all healthy eating / fitness habits come to a fiery death crash. Once I depart and travel back to my home, I'm typically about 3-5 lbs heavier than when I arrived. I CANNOT let this happen!!! It will set me back so badly that I would literally be starting over! 11 days of work, gone!

Traveling 3 hours to my destination could mean constant temptations of fast + junkie food, syrupy southern Soul Food pressures, possible Birthday Cake temptations (its DH's birthday this weekend), family meal peer pressure (ie. 'awe gurl, it won't kill you to eat some fried chicken, mashed potatoes with cheesy gravy, fried okra, some chinese take-out and a good ole slab of birthday cake... besides your lookin' kinda peckish' Followed by a good chant of DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!)  and the lack of a decent gym workout for an entire weekend!!! GAAH!!!  My strong arm food willpower tends to dip on the really LOW side when I go back to my home-state..

The mere thought of all that almost makes me break out in cold sweats!!! Have you ever seen that comic strip called Cathy? Particularly the one where the mere mention of going outside in a swimsuit and she nearly goes into cardiac!? Remember the look on her face? (actually I just found that exact comic frame, see below).  That is the very expression I have now!

However I am preparing a game plan of attack! I am going to bring my workout dvds such as P90 Beach Body + Zumba with me so that I can have no excuse of working out either late in the evening or early in the morning. I've also made plans to do a early morning workout at the local park. I will literally be in walking distance to the park, so again - NO EXCUSES! I've also made some plans with a family member to workout with me! Yay Buddy Workout System!  DH also promised to help keep my food willpower in check and to also workout with me over the weekend visit. I will also be packing healthy snacks + foods to bring with me so I will have something to eat when I am surrounded by junk food with no other options. So those things are reassuring... its just putting my plans into action once I arrive amidst the chaos of a 'happy excited family buzz' weekend visit.

So fellow blog readers please feel free to post motivational words of support over the weekend! I will surely need it! In the meantime, for now I am going to focus on eating well and working hard in the gym for the rest of this week. And I will take the weekend road trip as it comes... day by day.

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