Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 2.

Weight: 146.00

Second day into the cleanse. I haven't noticed much on a weight change. Although I am keeping my expectations of remotely losing any weight on this cleanse low. Even if I don't lose any while doing the cleanse, at least I will start out with a clean system. I have noticed that I am 'cleansing' a lot. It is a gentle cleanse and have been no 'emergencies' that I was so concerned about occurring during this stage. However I am beginning to wonder how much more cleaning out I will need. Geez... Apparently I've been keeping a dirty house.  Goodbye Hoarder. Hello Empty House - whenever that will be???

On a separate note -  I sometimes go workout at the gym with my DH. I don't have a membership to any gym, so have to go with him as a guest membership when we are able to go together. So prior to going to the gym, I was feeling a bit blue about my weight + appearance. Mostly mad at myself for letting myself get to this point and not understanding why, regardless of all the activities that I do, it just seems to cling on. So after a good pep-talk, we go to the gym. As soon as I get inside and start working out, I am having a blast!!! I am in the best mood, the blues are gone, and I feel great!

So on the way out, DH offered to sign me up to his membership, IF and ONLY IF, I will promise to go to the gym on a routine basis and not give up! And after I dug down deep and thought about it, I said "Okay! Let's do this!". And I really want to do it! I am sick of being at an unhealthy weight and I enjoy being active! And I want to prove to myself and him that I can do this! The staff signed me up, took my membership photo (post workout, ick!) ... Now, I am a Gym Member!

Another hurdle conquered!

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