Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 11.

Weight: 142!!! (this marks a 4.8 lb loss since Day 1.)

530a Gym - Cardio + 5p Gym - Cardio + Weights - Chest + Triceps - Total Burn: 798cals

I have to say that today was just an overall motivational day for me! I've lost a some weight (see above) which lead to pulling up the hiking pants that I wore today all day long. This is a new pair of pants I had just purchased for a hiking trip I took a few weeks ago. If I keep it up, I will have to donate those soon - wow!  

Then - I did not drink a soda all day long nor did I even want one! (which is strange for me since I'm practically the spokes model for Diet Dr. Pepper + Dr. Pepper aka Liquid Crack in a Can) And on top of that - I made my 8 glasses of water goal this evening! That should be a world record in the Guinness Book of Me! Big Woot Woot! I decided to commemorate the award by screen capturing the Congratulatory Water Mark and posting here.

And... if all that huzzah didn't put a spin in your pinwheel... then let me just say that I burned practically more calories today than I ate! 

 AND... despite knowing that I should consume some more calories to sustain all that physical work that I have done today, I literally can't make myself eat another bite of anything! I feel super full and the mere thought of eating makes me feel gaggish-queasy. So I am going to roll with that 'please no more food' feeling and call it a day - since its a rarity.

AND... last one - speaking of eating... at lunch I had my usual Healthy Choice Steamer meal. Today was Rosemary Chicken + Sweet Potatoes - first time for this flavour. So I heat up my meal, I peel off the plastic... I spy Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, Pearl Onions and 'Yellow Sticks' (hmm.. those must be slivers of squash! yum!) then I ravenously devoured the meal in an instant! My boss, enjoying the aroma of my lunch, asks me what I was having and what was in it... luckily I use the box as a 'plate' to protect my desk from the hot tray - so I have all the ingredients there to review. I read off the list of ingredients - Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, Pearl Onions and.... (I stop reading. my heart stops. I gulp. A cold sweat breaks out across my forehead. Did I just eat and absolutely enjoy.. no... Love this next ingredient listed?! Am I seeing correctly?!!!) it says "Yellow Carrot". She is stunned. I am stunned. There is silence. You see I HATE carrots with a passion. A good carrot is a dead carrot. A good carrot is one far away from me.  I HATE HATE HATE carrots (with the exception of carrot cake). the mere mention of carrots make me gag. And here I just wolfed down an entire tray of carrots like it was a banana split. Did hell just freeze over? What just happened? Perhaps there is hope for me yet? Healthy Choice did you just make me eat a carrot and love it!?!? I'm afraid so.  I guess I like Yellow Carrots. wow this is awkward.  Thanks Healthy Choice?

Daily Plate Log:
Consumed: 700 calories.  Burned: 798       <---- rock on!
Daily Water Consumption - 8 glasses          <----- ***insert fireworks here***

I would call today a success and a great motivational stepping stone that I needed to keep me pumped up about the journey I am on. I know that its going to take a lot of time, hard work and determination, along with being slow going... but moments like this I like to bottle up and put toward that cheerleader pom pom mojo that I will need later on when I do eventually hit that plateau and get all sully. So... Yay

my pinwheel is spinning, yellow carrots and all!

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  1. Raw carrots are my weakness. I even have a term for when they put them in salads and other places where I feel they don't belong. My friends are aware of the dangers of ICP or Improper Carrot Placement.

    Steamed carrots are wonderful. The steaming brings out this wonderfully sweet flavor. I just eat them plain after that.