Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 8.

 Weight: 146. (say what?!) :<
No Gym - Day of Rest. (and I had house guests over so no time to workout)

This morning I tried Greek Yogurt for the very first time ever. I've read about it in all the health, fitness + food magazines. Journalists have been writing about how amazingly good it is and how its sooo much better for you than regular yogurt. (I would be thinking - Yogurt is Yogurt right? pssh...what's the big whoop...) And so this regular everyday Jane finds out what all the brew-haha is all about.
So its 7am and I am looking for an accompanying solution to my quickly over-riping apricots that I need to eat ASAP! I make a quick grocery list to pick up a few items that I will need later in the day prior to my house guest arriving. I make a quick run to the grocery store, picking up items on my list, when I get to the yogurt section. 
On my list I have "get some more Go-Gurts" (yes, I buy the kiddie Go-Gurts - which I LOVE! quick + convenient anywhere! great flavours like Cotton Candy + Banana Split;  freezing = instant low calorie ice cream!) So I grab the Go-Gurts and then... I see Greek.  'Aw why not?' I think to myself. If I don't like them, DH will eat them. He is the human disposal after all! I choose Dannon since its a safe bet that it will be good.

I get the Greek and get home. La-tee-da! Really really ripe apricot cutting commences and before I know it I have a lovely bowl of 2 apricots + Greek yogurt. Now for the moment I've been waiting for - the Taste Test. I slowly lift the spoon to my mouth. I squinch my nose, close my eyes and take a bite!
And I fall in LOVE!!!  Dannon Vanilla Greek Yogurt is amazing!!!! It tastes sooo much better than regular yogurt! The hype is real folks! I don't think I can go back to regular yogurt now. 

So what is different you ask? the Dannon Vanilla Greek yogurt is the consistency of sour cream but its 100x sweeter than regular yogurt! Savory! And there is none of that tangy after bite that regular yogurt has - that is my least fave thing about eating regular yogurt - the tongue tang. bleh.

I am so hooked on Greek yogurt now! I am definitely getting more and may try different flavours.

So after breakfast - which was a great start to the day - my company arrived and my eating took a dive. Let's just say it was SNACK FEST from here on out (see Daily Plate log below)... and then for dinner it was Thai. However I do have to say that I made a decent choice at the Thai restaurant. My entire meal was only 398 calories. I got Vietnamese Summer Rolls, Summer Roll Dipping Sauce (which was a kind of peanut curry sauce) and Steamed Rice Noodles.

Its going to be a interesting learning curve on trying to choose smart low calorie + healthy options at restaurants. It can be done I know! It's just going to take some getting used to and also trying to avoid the so-called "healthy" food mirage pitfalls.  Oy!

So time to show off the Snack Fest Damage --

Daily Plate Log:
Consumed: 1410 calories.  Burned: 0       <---- SNACK HORROR!
Daily Water Consumption - 4 glasses      <----- decent
432 calories OVER Caloric Goal

Maybe I just needed to get it out of my system. Like one last snack attack hurrah. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Note to Will Power - Where the heck are you? This isn't vacation?!

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