Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 7.

Weight: 144/145 (144 pre gym / 145 post gym) rar.
6a - Gym Workout: 308c.

I decided after yesterdays muck up to keep on track and drink Day 3 (my last day) of White Tea detox.  Perhaps that will help with last nights wild food extravaganza... 

I ate pretty decently all day. And at work, our boss called in for 4p Smoothie King shakes, which was super nice. Although I promised myself that since I had a shake at 4p that I would need my dinner to be light and in the 200 calorie range.  By the time I got home, I must have forgotten all about the promise to myself, because DH suggested that we get take-out since we were out of groceries. We order from a local pizza-sandwich-pasta shop, which actually has really good salads. But for some reason, I must lose all rational decision making when faced with a menu because I picked the most high calorie baddest salad on the block - a TACO SALAD!  WTF!!! what is wrong with me!!!
As if I didn't remember the shame I felt all day about last nights binge, here I go again with part deux!

Seriously!? Well after blurting out 'taco salad' I couldn't bring a call-back because it had been ordered. And I had to eat it and I did. Although I'm not feeling good about my decision at all. Not only that but my whole system just feels gross. I don't feel that nice clean tummy feeling anymore... I just feel bogged down again. So much for cleanse + detox! I don't know what is wrong with me lately. I need to pull myself up by the bootstraps and get a reality check!
Hello Girlfriend, you're not going to lose any weight eating over 1200 calories! wtf!

Daily Plate Log:
Consumed: 1352 calories.  Burned: 308       <---- SHAME ON ME!.
Daily Water Consumption - 3 glasses      <----- not good at all. pick it up!

I know one thing is for certain - tomorrow is a day to repent for my food sins! The game plan: a serious lengthy gym session and a good dose of Benefiber! that should straighten out my act!

pulling up the bootstraps,

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