Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 9.

Weight: 145.80/146 - digi scale kept teetering between the two.
11a Gym - burned 561 cals

Well I don't have anything exciting to report. Just a typical Sunday - chilling around the house, doing chores and went to the gym with DH - we put in a serious workout! I was a soggy sore puddle when I left. I did start a little weight training using the machines + free weights. I worked out my shoulders and arms. Let me tell you that I was already feeling sore by the time I walked out of the gym doors! It definitely bumped up my calorie burn rate. And it also bumped up my appetite!

The photo above is post-gym protein packed lunch - 3 eggs scrambled with onions, avocado, pepper jack, seasoned  with North Market Smoked Hickory Spicy Pepper Salt and Mrs Dash Salt-Free Fiesta Lime. So tasty!

Daily Plate Log:
Consumed: 1237 calories.  Burned: 561       <---- still a bit over but better.
Daily Water Consumption - 4 glasses      <----- decent again

Each day I'm progressing along. Baby steps my dear baby steps.

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