Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 6.

or also entitled - Date Night Downfall. 

Weight: 144
6a - Gym Workout: 308c.

I had a good workout despite getting to the gym a little bit later than I had wanted, I still worked out really hard and achieved a good burn. I left the gym looking like a sopping wet rag.

However... I just knew my downfall would come soon. I just was not expecting this soon. So in my haste, I totally forgot to drink Day 3 of the White Tea detox! (I can only drink it before breakfast or before dinner, I forgot both times!) I also had forgot my lunch steamer meal at home! So I had to scavenge my snack pack for lunch!  And to add a match to the gasoline - it was date night and DH took me out to my fave foodie place - the local Mexican restaurant. And worst yet, I was ravenous! I literally had the 'shakes' I was so hungry!

First, instinctively I ordered a Dr. Pepper! (Doh! Stupid! Hello Water, you idiot!) I tried to resist the chips, but oh! the salsa (with its zesty floating pepper seeds) beckoned me for a taste. And I gave in! I had about 13 chips, too many! with the delightful salsa. So I thought what can I order!? All of the salads come slopped into a deep fried tortilla dish drowned in guac, sour cream and the works. And it shouldn't be called a salad, since there is hardly any lettuce. It's more like a re-fried bean bowl of heaven!  No... I can't do those. That would be equal in calories to a regular menu item. 

So I ordered a small tossed salad and a simplified chicken quesadilla on the side items menu. It seemed like the smartest decision to make - other than simply walking out! The quesadilla arrived and was actually a decent portioned size wedge. I felt okay about the decision. I made sure to eat my salad first to try to fill up on the salad in hopes that I would not eat all of the quesadilla. But, I was hungry like the wolf and I wolfed down everything in front of me!

Once I got home, I was feeling full + comfy, but apparently my head must have been in the clouds because I actually ate some frozen vanilla yogurt later!!! I know - its yogurt you say - but not after I had already splurged!

Worst yet, I didn't exactly feel bad about any of it until I logged in my calories later and saw the damage. 

Daily Plate Log:
Consumed: 1502 calories.  Burned: 308       <---- SHAME ON ME!.
Daily Water Consumption - 4 glasses          <---- still not bad for a day of doom.

Shame on me! There goes my detox out the window! However I am not going to let it stop me. I knew a downfall was eventually going to happen. I am only human. I am hoping it will motivate me to keep from backsliding.  Although it is so frustrating! To come so far only to sabotage myself backwards.

totally irritated,

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