Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 13.

Weight: 140.80
530a Gym - Cardio + Weight Training - Back + Biceps - Total Burn: 441cals

Tonight we had Lemon Pepper Rotisserie Chicken and a Caesar side salad. It was really good and I ate an adequate portioned amount of chicken and caesar salad. However after dinner I felt beyond full (like after Thanksgiving dinner kind of full) I'm guessing either the chicken or the salad dressing had a good amount of salt in it because I was beginning to resemble the StayPuff Man.  I'm going to guess it was the salad dressing. I haven't ate much dressings since I started this and if I did, I've kept the dressings to low key. I could be wrong though.

However we still have a lot of Chicken left and half a bag of romaine leftover from the Caesar kit. Other than DH having bland chicken sandwiches, I may make up some yummy wraps instead that both he and I can have (and more importantly for me - a low calorie meal).   Here is a recipe for the wraps:

Rotisserie Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap
Serves 2  (300 cals)

2.5 oz of shredded rotisserie chicken
1 oz romaine lettuce, thinly sliced
2 tbs of shredded cucumber (the recipe called for carrots and y'all know how I feel about that!)
2 tbs low-fat Caesar dressing
1/2 tsp black pepper
2 tbs low-fat parmesan cheese
2 – low-cal whole wheat “Flat Out” flatbread

  1. In a small bowl, combine the chicken, lettuce, cucumbers, dressing, pepper and mix well. Divide into portions.
  2. Place 1 portion of the chicken mixture and half of Parmesan cheese into a Flatbread wrap and fold the sides over the filling and roll-up in to a wrap.

I don't have much else to report today. It was typical day. Wake Up. Gym. Eat. Work. Repeat. So below it my Daily Plate stats for the day.  I did have a slightly higher calorie day than usual. Though I ate healthy throughout the day and I had really pushed it hard in the gym this morning. I was a bit shaky in the earlier part of the day - I felt like I needed the few extra calories to give my body fuel and the extra 'umpft' it needed to keep my m'tab revved up. So I actually don't feel shamed in my calories for today, surprisingly, I think I would feel different if it were junkie snacks or cheeseburgers n' fries.

The Daily Plate Log:
Consumed: 1130 calories.  Burned: 441   
Daily Water Consumption - 6 glasses

For my daily readers, if there are any at this point, I may not be getting a chance to post daily over the weekend, it all depends really. As you've read earlier, I'm headed back to my home state so I will be away from a computer. However I will still be posting updates via my Twitter - - so please feel free to follow my Twitter feed for all the up-to-date food + fitness news!

missing you already,

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 12.

Weight: 141.80
530p Gym - Cardio - Total Burn: 308cals

I missed my workout this morning so I made up for it this evening. I had planned on working out my back and biceps, however after a serious mental + physical 'push' to get through my cardio and the fact that I am still brutally sore from all the weight workouts earlier in the week, I thought I would take a break on weights tonight and finish out my weight session tomorrow morning. I think having that 'gap of rest' will speed up the healing process.  It was a pretty ordinary day for me. I had a good low caloric intake with a decent caloric burn. I lost a few ounces on the scale this morning but I think that is water weight at work.

This evening I had a really tasty Chicken + Spinach Salad from Subway. I mean I typically like Subway salads however I have to be in the 'mood' for one. I usually go for the flat bread sandwiches. But I'm trying to cut out all the doughy carbs like bread. I wasn't really jazzed about getting a salad, but I knew it was what I had to do. I don't know if it was the fact that I was wolf ravenous (which always makes food taste so dreamy good) but this salad was so amazing! It tasted so good that it was almost awkward! I mean its just a simple Chicken + Spinach Salad for crying out loud!  So yeah Subway - you rocked it out for me tonight! I don't know how but ya did! so thanks!

The Daily Plate Log:
Consumed: 715 calories.  Burned: 308  
Daily Water Consumption - 6 glasses  (the night is still young, I will have my 8)

On a separate note - I'm interested to see how the rest of the week is going to play out regarding my workout schedule and the eating/meal routine that I am getting accustomed to. I am going out of town this weekend to visit family so my concern is a great one! Typically when I travel back to my home state to visit family, most all healthy eating / fitness habits come to a fiery death crash. Once I depart and travel back to my home, I'm typically about 3-5 lbs heavier than when I arrived. I CANNOT let this happen!!! It will set me back so badly that I would literally be starting over! 11 days of work, gone!

Traveling 3 hours to my destination could mean constant temptations of fast + junkie food, syrupy southern Soul Food pressures, possible Birthday Cake temptations (its DH's birthday this weekend), family meal peer pressure (ie. 'awe gurl, it won't kill you to eat some fried chicken, mashed potatoes with cheesy gravy, fried okra, some chinese take-out and a good ole slab of birthday cake... besides your lookin' kinda peckish' Followed by a good chant of DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!)  and the lack of a decent gym workout for an entire weekend!!! GAAH!!!  My strong arm food willpower tends to dip on the really LOW side when I go back to my home-state..

The mere thought of all that almost makes me break out in cold sweats!!! Have you ever seen that comic strip called Cathy? Particularly the one where the mere mention of going outside in a swimsuit and she nearly goes into cardiac!? Remember the look on her face? (actually I just found that exact comic frame, see below).  That is the very expression I have now!

However I am preparing a game plan of attack! I am going to bring my workout dvds such as P90 Beach Body + Zumba with me so that I can have no excuse of working out either late in the evening or early in the morning. I've also made plans to do a early morning workout at the local park. I will literally be in walking distance to the park, so again - NO EXCUSES! I've also made some plans with a family member to workout with me! Yay Buddy Workout System!  DH also promised to help keep my food willpower in check and to also workout with me over the weekend visit. I will also be packing healthy snacks + foods to bring with me so I will have something to eat when I am surrounded by junk food with no other options. So those things are reassuring... its just putting my plans into action once I arrive amidst the chaos of a 'happy excited family buzz' weekend visit.

So fellow blog readers please feel free to post motivational words of support over the weekend! I will surely need it! In the meantime, for now I am going to focus on eating well and working hard in the gym for the rest of this week. And I will take the weekend road trip as it comes... day by day.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 11.

Weight: 142!!! (this marks a 4.8 lb loss since Day 1.)

530a Gym - Cardio + 5p Gym - Cardio + Weights - Chest + Triceps - Total Burn: 798cals

I have to say that today was just an overall motivational day for me! I've lost a some weight (see above) which lead to pulling up the hiking pants that I wore today all day long. This is a new pair of pants I had just purchased for a hiking trip I took a few weeks ago. If I keep it up, I will have to donate those soon - wow!  

Then - I did not drink a soda all day long nor did I even want one! (which is strange for me since I'm practically the spokes model for Diet Dr. Pepper + Dr. Pepper aka Liquid Crack in a Can) And on top of that - I made my 8 glasses of water goal this evening! That should be a world record in the Guinness Book of Me! Big Woot Woot! I decided to commemorate the award by screen capturing the Congratulatory Water Mark and posting here.

And... if all that huzzah didn't put a spin in your pinwheel... then let me just say that I burned practically more calories today than I ate! 

 AND... despite knowing that I should consume some more calories to sustain all that physical work that I have done today, I literally can't make myself eat another bite of anything! I feel super full and the mere thought of eating makes me feel gaggish-queasy. So I am going to roll with that 'please no more food' feeling and call it a day - since its a rarity.

AND... last one - speaking of eating... at lunch I had my usual Healthy Choice Steamer meal. Today was Rosemary Chicken + Sweet Potatoes - first time for this flavour. So I heat up my meal, I peel off the plastic... I spy Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, Pearl Onions and 'Yellow Sticks' (hmm.. those must be slivers of squash! yum!) then I ravenously devoured the meal in an instant! My boss, enjoying the aroma of my lunch, asks me what I was having and what was in it... luckily I use the box as a 'plate' to protect my desk from the hot tray - so I have all the ingredients there to review. I read off the list of ingredients - Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, Pearl Onions and.... (I stop reading. my heart stops. I gulp. A cold sweat breaks out across my forehead. Did I just eat and absolutely enjoy.. no... Love this next ingredient listed?! Am I seeing correctly?!!!) it says "Yellow Carrot". She is stunned. I am stunned. There is silence. You see I HATE carrots with a passion. A good carrot is a dead carrot. A good carrot is one far away from me.  I HATE HATE HATE carrots (with the exception of carrot cake). the mere mention of carrots make me gag. And here I just wolfed down an entire tray of carrots like it was a banana split. Did hell just freeze over? What just happened? Perhaps there is hope for me yet? Healthy Choice did you just make me eat a carrot and love it!?!? I'm afraid so.  I guess I like Yellow Carrots. wow this is awkward.  Thanks Healthy Choice?

Daily Plate Log:
Consumed: 700 calories.  Burned: 798       <---- rock on!
Daily Water Consumption - 8 glasses          <----- ***insert fireworks here***

I would call today a success and a great motivational stepping stone that I needed to keep me pumped up about the journey I am on. I know that its going to take a lot of time, hard work and determination, along with being slow going... but moments like this I like to bottle up and put toward that cheerleader pom pom mojo that I will need later on when I do eventually hit that plateau and get all sully. So... Yay

my pinwheel is spinning, yellow carrots and all!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 10.

Weight: 144.80
7p Home Workout - Crunch Pilates - burned 117 cals

Tonight I took a chill night. I was still quite sore from Sunday's introduction back into the world of free weights. I figured perhaps I should do more of a low impact workout while my muscles healed. I figured that doing a 30 min session of Crunch Pilates would be great and I would get a nice 'stretch' to all the muscles. Mix it up a little! 

Note - today at lunch - I tried Oikos Fat Free Caramel Greek Yogurt - LOVE it!

Daily Plate Log:
Consumed: 796 calories.  Burned: 117      
Daily Water Consumption - 6 glasses      <----- yay! getting closer!

Mondays offer clean slates! Let's hope I keep this calorie management up!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 9.

Weight: 145.80/146 - digi scale kept teetering between the two.
11a Gym - burned 561 cals

Well I don't have anything exciting to report. Just a typical Sunday - chilling around the house, doing chores and went to the gym with DH - we put in a serious workout! I was a soggy sore puddle when I left. I did start a little weight training using the machines + free weights. I worked out my shoulders and arms. Let me tell you that I was already feeling sore by the time I walked out of the gym doors! It definitely bumped up my calorie burn rate. And it also bumped up my appetite!

The photo above is post-gym protein packed lunch - 3 eggs scrambled with onions, avocado, pepper jack, seasoned  with North Market Smoked Hickory Spicy Pepper Salt and Mrs Dash Salt-Free Fiesta Lime. So tasty!

Daily Plate Log:
Consumed: 1237 calories.  Burned: 561       <---- still a bit over but better.
Daily Water Consumption - 4 glasses      <----- decent again

Each day I'm progressing along. Baby steps my dear baby steps.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 8.

 Weight: 146. (say what?!) :<
No Gym - Day of Rest. (and I had house guests over so no time to workout)

This morning I tried Greek Yogurt for the very first time ever. I've read about it in all the health, fitness + food magazines. Journalists have been writing about how amazingly good it is and how its sooo much better for you than regular yogurt. (I would be thinking - Yogurt is Yogurt right? pssh...what's the big whoop...) And so this regular everyday Jane finds out what all the brew-haha is all about.
So its 7am and I am looking for an accompanying solution to my quickly over-riping apricots that I need to eat ASAP! I make a quick grocery list to pick up a few items that I will need later in the day prior to my house guest arriving. I make a quick run to the grocery store, picking up items on my list, when I get to the yogurt section. 
On my list I have "get some more Go-Gurts" (yes, I buy the kiddie Go-Gurts - which I LOVE! quick + convenient anywhere! great flavours like Cotton Candy + Banana Split;  freezing = instant low calorie ice cream!) So I grab the Go-Gurts and then... I see Greek.  'Aw why not?' I think to myself. If I don't like them, DH will eat them. He is the human disposal after all! I choose Dannon since its a safe bet that it will be good.

I get the Greek and get home. La-tee-da! Really really ripe apricot cutting commences and before I know it I have a lovely bowl of 2 apricots + Greek yogurt. Now for the moment I've been waiting for - the Taste Test. I slowly lift the spoon to my mouth. I squinch my nose, close my eyes and take a bite!
And I fall in LOVE!!!  Dannon Vanilla Greek Yogurt is amazing!!!! It tastes sooo much better than regular yogurt! The hype is real folks! I don't think I can go back to regular yogurt now. 

So what is different you ask? the Dannon Vanilla Greek yogurt is the consistency of sour cream but its 100x sweeter than regular yogurt! Savory! And there is none of that tangy after bite that regular yogurt has - that is my least fave thing about eating regular yogurt - the tongue tang. bleh.

I am so hooked on Greek yogurt now! I am definitely getting more and may try different flavours.

So after breakfast - which was a great start to the day - my company arrived and my eating took a dive. Let's just say it was SNACK FEST from here on out (see Daily Plate log below)... and then for dinner it was Thai. However I do have to say that I made a decent choice at the Thai restaurant. My entire meal was only 398 calories. I got Vietnamese Summer Rolls, Summer Roll Dipping Sauce (which was a kind of peanut curry sauce) and Steamed Rice Noodles.

Its going to be a interesting learning curve on trying to choose smart low calorie + healthy options at restaurants. It can be done I know! It's just going to take some getting used to and also trying to avoid the so-called "healthy" food mirage pitfalls.  Oy!

So time to show off the Snack Fest Damage --

Daily Plate Log:
Consumed: 1410 calories.  Burned: 0       <---- SNACK HORROR!
Daily Water Consumption - 4 glasses      <----- decent
432 calories OVER Caloric Goal

Maybe I just needed to get it out of my system. Like one last snack attack hurrah. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Note to Will Power - Where the heck are you? This isn't vacation?!

Friday, June 10, 2011


This is quite possibly one of the most inspirational stories ever! - Watch This

Day 7.

Weight: 144/145 (144 pre gym / 145 post gym) rar.
6a - Gym Workout: 308c.

I decided after yesterdays muck up to keep on track and drink Day 3 (my last day) of White Tea detox.  Perhaps that will help with last nights wild food extravaganza... 

I ate pretty decently all day. And at work, our boss called in for 4p Smoothie King shakes, which was super nice. Although I promised myself that since I had a shake at 4p that I would need my dinner to be light and in the 200 calorie range.  By the time I got home, I must have forgotten all about the promise to myself, because DH suggested that we get take-out since we were out of groceries. We order from a local pizza-sandwich-pasta shop, which actually has really good salads. But for some reason, I must lose all rational decision making when faced with a menu because I picked the most high calorie baddest salad on the block - a TACO SALAD!  WTF!!! what is wrong with me!!!
As if I didn't remember the shame I felt all day about last nights binge, here I go again with part deux!

Seriously!? Well after blurting out 'taco salad' I couldn't bring a call-back because it had been ordered. And I had to eat it and I did. Although I'm not feeling good about my decision at all. Not only that but my whole system just feels gross. I don't feel that nice clean tummy feeling anymore... I just feel bogged down again. So much for cleanse + detox! I don't know what is wrong with me lately. I need to pull myself up by the bootstraps and get a reality check!
Hello Girlfriend, you're not going to lose any weight eating over 1200 calories! wtf!

Daily Plate Log:
Consumed: 1352 calories.  Burned: 308       <---- SHAME ON ME!.
Daily Water Consumption - 3 glasses      <----- not good at all. pick it up!

I know one thing is for certain - tomorrow is a day to repent for my food sins! The game plan: a serious lengthy gym session and a good dose of Benefiber! that should straighten out my act!

pulling up the bootstraps,

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 6.

or also entitled - Date Night Downfall. 

Weight: 144
6a - Gym Workout: 308c.

I had a good workout despite getting to the gym a little bit later than I had wanted, I still worked out really hard and achieved a good burn. I left the gym looking like a sopping wet rag.

However... I just knew my downfall would come soon. I just was not expecting this soon. So in my haste, I totally forgot to drink Day 3 of the White Tea detox! (I can only drink it before breakfast or before dinner, I forgot both times!) I also had forgot my lunch steamer meal at home! So I had to scavenge my snack pack for lunch!  And to add a match to the gasoline - it was date night and DH took me out to my fave foodie place - the local Mexican restaurant. And worst yet, I was ravenous! I literally had the 'shakes' I was so hungry!

First, instinctively I ordered a Dr. Pepper! (Doh! Stupid! Hello Water, you idiot!) I tried to resist the chips, but oh! the salsa (with its zesty floating pepper seeds) beckoned me for a taste. And I gave in! I had about 13 chips, too many! with the delightful salsa. So I thought what can I order!? All of the salads come slopped into a deep fried tortilla dish drowned in guac, sour cream and the works. And it shouldn't be called a salad, since there is hardly any lettuce. It's more like a re-fried bean bowl of heaven!  No... I can't do those. That would be equal in calories to a regular menu item. 

So I ordered a small tossed salad and a simplified chicken quesadilla on the side items menu. It seemed like the smartest decision to make - other than simply walking out! The quesadilla arrived and was actually a decent portioned size wedge. I felt okay about the decision. I made sure to eat my salad first to try to fill up on the salad in hopes that I would not eat all of the quesadilla. But, I was hungry like the wolf and I wolfed down everything in front of me!

Once I got home, I was feeling full + comfy, but apparently my head must have been in the clouds because I actually ate some frozen vanilla yogurt later!!! I know - its yogurt you say - but not after I had already splurged!

Worst yet, I didn't exactly feel bad about any of it until I logged in my calories later and saw the damage. 

Daily Plate Log:
Consumed: 1502 calories.  Burned: 308       <---- SHAME ON ME!.
Daily Water Consumption - 4 glasses          <---- still not bad for a day of doom.

Shame on me! There goes my detox out the window! However I am not going to let it stop me. I knew a downfall was eventually going to happen. I am only human. I am hoping it will motivate me to keep from backsliding.  Although it is so frustrating! To come so far only to sabotage myself backwards.

totally irritated,

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 5.

Weight: 143!
5a - Gym Workout: 306c.

The white tea detox - day 2.  It looks like the cleanse + detox is working. I've noticed a decent jump in the weight department and am glad to see + feel some of the water weight shed. I had another good workout this morning. And felt really good + motivated throughout the day...

Daily Plate Log:

Consumed: 1129 calories.  Burned: 306       <---- decent. Could have been better.
Daily Water Consumption - 5 glasses           <----- yay! getting better!
(note: its really hard to drink 8 glasses of water in a day!)

I'm noticing that since I started the gym that my appetite has picked up tremendously. I know this means my metabolism has boosted up. I just hope I can keep a tight leash on my eating habits.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 4.

Weight: Holding steady around 145.80/145.60
5a - Gym Workout: 415c.

The white tea detox begins - day 1. I had a great workout this morning! I felt like I killed it in the gym - at least for the first day. I am really liking the white tea! I drank it before breakfast, it was really tasty. I've felt really energized all day and I hope the remainder of the detox is much like this.

Daily Plate Log:
Consumed: 919 calories.  Burned: 415       <---- wahoo! this is a good burn goal
Daily Water Consumption - 4 glasses          <----- still not great, but better

If I can eat a decent amount of calories within the 900 range and keep my calorie burn rate about mid-range of that - that should be a good goal of maintaining my calories and learning to eat smart.
It is going to be a learning process. But all in all - it was a good day.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 3.

Weight: 145.80
7p - Home Workout - Elliptical Trainer 15 mins. 160c. 

Third + Last day (thank the stars!) of the bran cleanse, not that it has been bad or anything. I'm just sick of having to go to the bathroom so often. And geez... I can't even tell you how many times I've had to go pee, seems like every 5 minutes. If this doesn't clean me out, I don't know what will?! Perhaps a Hoover vac shoved up where the sun don't shine?! I'm just sayin'  haha!

Sorry, that was a bit graphic. Hey, no holds bar here! Who said weight loss was pretty?!

Tomorrow, White Tea Detox. I'm not sure what to expect with the 3 day detox. I've done a caffeine detox before and it was NOT pretty. Horrible mind splitting headaches, ill mood swings, fire breathing, levitating and head spinning. (okay, perhaps not the last three).  I hope this detox is nothing like the other one I have tried, if so, everyone please pray for my husband. bless his heart.

Well this evening I was late + exhausted getting home from work so I had to workout at home (see above). I had wanted to do an early pre-work workout, but the gym did not open until around 6a on Mondays. So I would not have had time to do a full workout and still have time to get ready for work. I typically don't like working out in the evening so late. I am always exhausted and am easily able to be distracted by evening chores.

I also re-activated my Daily Plate account to start back tracking my caloric intake and portions. I need to be more aware of what I eat. I know that is where my greatest downfall is - Food. its my personal demon, my addiction, and a source of fuel. It's hard to separate addiction + essential fuel source. It has already started to help. I've already kept myself in check all day today knowing I had to go log-in to the Plate...  So here is my Plate log:

Consumed: 1097 calories.  Burned: 160       <---- that sucks!
Daily Water Consumption - 2 glasses           <-------- that sucks even more!

 I know its not perfect. But its a work in progress... This is where I am going to have to focus hard and dig deep for motivation.

surviving the first three days...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 2.

Weight: 146.00

Second day into the cleanse. I haven't noticed much on a weight change. Although I am keeping my expectations of remotely losing any weight on this cleanse low. Even if I don't lose any while doing the cleanse, at least I will start out with a clean system. I have noticed that I am 'cleansing' a lot. It is a gentle cleanse and have been no 'emergencies' that I was so concerned about occurring during this stage. However I am beginning to wonder how much more cleaning out I will need. Geez... Apparently I've been keeping a dirty house.  Goodbye Hoarder. Hello Empty House - whenever that will be???

On a separate note -  I sometimes go workout at the gym with my DH. I don't have a membership to any gym, so have to go with him as a guest membership when we are able to go together. So prior to going to the gym, I was feeling a bit blue about my weight + appearance. Mostly mad at myself for letting myself get to this point and not understanding why, regardless of all the activities that I do, it just seems to cling on. So after a good pep-talk, we go to the gym. As soon as I get inside and start working out, I am having a blast!!! I am in the best mood, the blues are gone, and I feel great!

So on the way out, DH offered to sign me up to his membership, IF and ONLY IF, I will promise to go to the gym on a routine basis and not give up! And after I dug down deep and thought about it, I said "Okay! Let's do this!". And I really want to do it! I am sick of being at an unhealthy weight and I enjoy being active! And I want to prove to myself and him that I can do this! The staff signed me up, took my membership photo (post workout, ick!) ... Now, I am a Gym Member!

Another hurdle conquered!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 1.


Weight: 146.80

It is my first day on this journey and I always like to start off with a good clean slate.  I have started off doing a gentle herbal cleanse. Today is the first day of my cleanse. I take two bran pills a day for 3 days. One pill in the morning before breakfast, with a cup of warm lemon water to cleanse. And the second pill in the evening before dinner. I am trying the cleanse on a weekend as I was a bit afraid of any 'urgent' effects that the cleanse may have - regardless of its gentle nature.

So far its working - I have not had any 'urgent' issues and am mostly shedding a lot of water. It really is a gentle cleanse. I just hope it works enough to flush out a lot of the water weight I typically carry most of the time and is able to give me a good jump start that I need.

Hoping the best!