Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 100.

Weight - 125-126

Pinch for an inch right. I have finally reached a point of opposition in my weight loss journey. Both negative and positive, if there could be such. And excuse me while I rant a bit – My ultimate goal from the very beginning of this journey was to weigh 110 lbs. I made that very clear from the start! This is indeed a healthy weight, according to my doctor and every BMI chart posted up, for my height which is exactly 5 feet. I also agree since that is indeed what I have weighed many times before in my adult life – granted, its been a few years... I know my body and I know where its most healthiest weight is.

Insert critics here.  So now that I've lost 20 lbs and I'm sporting a new slimmer look, people are beginning to tell me that I need to stop where I am. That I am sooo tiny and that I look good, however that I do not need to lose anymore weight.  What did you say?

This frustrates me since: A. It is not in my goal to stop halfway.  B. Its my body, I'm still very much 'fat' even though to everyone else it may just now look like a 'skinny fat'.  C. You people are judging me, fully clothed – in baggy clothes at that!   Clothing hides a multitude of sins - mine being gluttony, sloth and cupcakes. When unclothed, I still look like a soft plush doughy figure.. I'm not ripped people.  I am still fat in various areas - stomach, inner thighs, lower back, etc. These are the remaining 15 lbs I have left to go! Yes, I said 15 lbs.  My frame is still carrying around a lot of unhealthy fat that I had set in mind to get rid of – regardless! And those comments are not going to stop me!

I understand that those may be concerned for my well being. I appreciate that but to be honest I am far more healthier at this point of the journey and will be continuing to become more healthy, fit and tone than I ever was before I even started!  Where was the concerned party during that time?! Being 37 lbs overweight was putting me at risk for diabetes, blood pressure + cholesterol issues not including the digestive / reflux problems I was dealing with while being overweight that is now non-existant due to my better overall health and clean eating!  Where were the same folks of concern over my weight now, during that time?  Oh yes... that's right. Crickets.

Well I'm putting this out there to make it clear again. I plan on continuing this journey. I'm not stopping here. My final goal WILL be 110 lbs. I will not stop half way. I will lose the remaining 15 lbs. Yes, 15! Regardless of how long it may take me....  you will not get into my head and play mind games with me nor try to hinder my motivation or goals.  I will make it! I will be healthy, fit and toned and strong!!!
And naysayers cannot and will not stop me! I am the Fittest Fat Girl – hear me roar!

*climbs off the soapbox*

I will leave you all with one of the comments I have received recently that made me smirk.

"Wait.... you're done right!? no? well how much do you have left to lose? What?!!! 15lbs.?! ha! that is insane! where? you are fine where you are... besides, you don't need to lose any more... you will be smaller than me! you can't be smaller than me!!!... that's almost waif." --this person weighs 116 and is much taller than me.


I do want to thank everyone who has supported, motivated, inspired and positively complimented me. It means more than you even realize! And has impacted + kept me focused and moving forward in my journey. It has been the gasoline to the fire and I thank each of you! Thank you for being so kind.

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