Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 90.

Weight: 126.20

And then... reality struck. [insert tummy butterflies here]. Today I received an email confirmation for the Zumba Instructors Certification class on October 22nd.  This is one of my rewards on my weight loss bucket list was becoming a certified Zumba instructor!  It has seemed like a big pipe dream until today. The wheels were set into motion, billing info and registration / class fees were exchanged and confirmation was received.  And then my stomach floated into my throat. Oh my gosh. This is really happening! ieee! I can't even describe the assortment of mixed emotions I have about this. Excitement, Happiness, Scary "First Day of School" type Nervousness, Butterflies and Vomit. That pretty much sums it up!

On another note - I rocked it out in the gym this morning! I pushed past my mental comfort level on the treadmill and achieved a new personal record!  I ran 2 miles in 27.55 mins at 4.3 mph. It was so awesome to push myself past my comfort zone. At the end of mile 2, I was starting to have some mental struggles. I can see how mile 3 might be mentally frustrating for me – but I will overcome this!

Of course, my mile 2 mental struggle may have been from my previous cardio endeavors (see below) before I started running. I was fighting with myself. My mind was telling me to "STOP!–your tired! Enough is enough! You cannot go any further!"  But I did go further....Maybe it will be easier if perhaps I will just run without working out before my run... I will try it out this weekend if possible. Anyway, I very excited about my running progress... and can see how it can become addictive.

As the day is progressing I am noticing that I am quite sore. my left "crunchy" knee is achey. chest sore. abs sore. legs sore. hips sore. thighs sore. body sore. I can't wait to get these remaining 16 lbs off my frame so perhaps running can be even more enjoyable! ..... but I count muscle soreness as a successful workout!

So question to my fellow runners... Do you get sore after running or are you past that point? If so, what is sore? What bothers you during or after longer runs?

Another lesson I learned today was that – regardless of how small amount of measurement - a 1/2 cup of regular milk - does not make for a happy tummy! The tummy was making loud, scary obnoxious noises and horrible cramps. It was totally angry over the fact that I had to use real milk in my protein powder because I was out of coconut milk. Next time, I will use water if I am ever out! Lesson Learned! Never again will I do that! Ugh! It made for an uncomfortable work day.

Today's workout:
arrived at gym: 525a
departed gym: 655a

20 min @ Level 6 incline - 4.00 miles / 173 calories

20 min @ Level 8 - 100 floors / 217 calories

27.55 min Run @ 4.3 mph - 2 miles / 153 calories

Series of Post-Cardio Workout Stretches

Tonight we are traveling back to home to mississippi. I plan on sticking to my routine of eating clean and working out while on the road. Last weekend we traveled there and I managed to eat super clean while on the road and got in some amazing workouts which lead to the weight loss jump between Day 83. and Day 88. The last time I traveled I actually packed a cooler full of fresh fruits, veggies and my coconut milk, and in a separate bag was all my dry goods like granolas, oatmeal, GF breads, protein powders, supplements, etc. So I didn't have to worry about meals since I already had everything I needed and managed to stay on track. That is what I am planning to do on this extended weekend trip.

TGIF! + Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!

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