Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 93.

We had traveled to MS for the holiday weekend to visit everyone and do some outdoor fitness adventures. But all that was awash, it was so stormy from Tropical Storm Lee... there really wasn't much else to do other than stay indoors. All the local gyms were closed. I did manage to fit in an indoor dvd Zumba session with Emc2.  But DH+I couldn't stay indoors all day... so we decided to go shopping!

I have been desperately needing to go shopping as well as avoiding it also. I bet you are thinking - Why Avoiding?!? You've lost 20lbs! Why not be excited to go shopping?!!! Well as I have mentioned before, the tightwad in me does not want to go shopping and spend money on new clothes that I will have to turn around and sell in a yard sale because I've under-grown them once I've achieved my final goal weight.

But... I couldn't resist getting some new jeans + shorts. I purchased a pair of shorts at a discount store for $3. I purposely bought a size 5 shorts solely because I figured I could either wear them in a few months on warm days (again, I live in Florida, it usually doesn't get 'cold' until late November if we are lucky) or I could wear these next summer, maybe. :) I also purchased 3 shirts in a size small, all in the $3-5 bucks each range. I have not been able to wear a size small since high school ...and that really fraile starving artist phase during my sophomore/junior year of college.  I purchased smaller sizes for the reason that I could eventually work my way down into these as I near my goal weight and it would not be a complete waste of money.

We also went to Old Navy for jeans. DH urged me to get some new jeans at American Eagle (i heart the jeans there) but again, I did not want to spend more than 20 bucks on jeans at this point in the game. So Old Navy was where I decided that I could get jeans and live with myself once I have to yard sale later. I was not thrilled over the fact that I was going to have to play the dressing room game. I grabbed a random range of sizes I knew that 'maybe' I was going to currently be in - size 8, size 6 and then I grabbed a size 4 which I knew there was no way that I could fit in. And of course, remembering that Old Navy jeans sizing is wrongfully skewed. The waistlines are larger, the number sizes are smaller in order to make us all feel like waif mannequin model rockstars.

So I'm in the flatteringly lit dressing room aka House of Trickery + Mirrors... and I try on the 8. WAY TOO BIG! I try on the 6... WAY TOO BIG.  no.  my next option is the 4. no. way. not possible. I pull up the 4... slowly up the thighs... the jeans pull up with unbelievable ease. Jeans meet hips. I button, zip. It fits! It comfortably fits. Holy Smokes whoa. That is insane. I'm slightly proud except for the fact that the subliminal bug of Old Navy's skewed jeans size is not the true reality. Which means... I may be an ON Size 4. But what am I really?    even still... the fat girl is totally excited that she just comfortably squeezed her keister into a size 4. a SIZE 4! I haven't been down into a single digit past 8 since... well... since high school/college! whoa.

Later, I get home... feeling a little shopping high.... I decide to try on the smaller clothes that I purchased at the discount store. I'm not sure what I was thinking... but I went for it anyway. I started with the shirts. The long sleeve shirt in small didn't fit yet... okay, that's cool. The next shirt, a floral short sleeve button down, size small, I slip it on and button. It fits! and rather loosely too! whoa. okay, that's even cooler! The next size small shirt, a tank, I slip on, it fits also and loosely too! whoooa... that is super cool!  And lastly the size 5 shorts... knowingly, I prepare myself for the shorts to get 'stuck' on my thighs. I slip the shorts on... I pull them up... I move slower now along the thighs, but these easily slide on up. shorts meets hips. No... this can't be! So I prepare myself - "you're not going to be able to button these, its going to be okay." I go for the button – Snap.  o.m.gee. the shorts just buttoned.

I have on a pair of SIZE 5 shorts!!!! SIZE 5!!!!  The fat girl in me is cartwheeling! I have not been able to wear a size 5 since high school!!!!  the skinny girl is a skeptic and reminds me that these may be a woman's department size 5 unlike the normal juniors department clothes I'm accustom to wearing.

But regardless... the former fat girl is going to celebrate that I own clothing now that says: Size 4 + 5 and Small! Instead of sizes 14+12 and Large + XL.  I'm going to slightly ignore the skeptic and toot a horn! I'm just glad to know that I've made it this far and it excites me to push harder to get to the final goal so that I can finally reward myself with a new wardrobe!

So Goodbye Baggy Diaper Butt and Double Digit Sizes! Hello new Single Digit sizes!

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